Safety is always our top priority for our customers. This is a baby product and as with all baby products it should be used with caution and your baby's safety in mind. 

We perform a quality check before any of our products are shipped. 


Our Smitten Snuggles

All our Smitten Snuggles come with a safety cover to cover the rope tie at the bottom of the Smitten Snuggles. The rope is just long enough to tie in a bow when it is closed up. If there is any wear and tear which has created any open or exposed areas, please stop using it.

Always use our Smitten Snuggles in a safe and flat area. Always use with adult supervision. Never use any Smitten Snuggle as a sleep device.

This product is intended for lounging and play only, and not for unattended sleep or carrying. 

Please follow and comply with the SIDS recommendations applicable to your country.

You should always place baby’s head towards the top of the Smitten Snuggle. 

Soft objects such as stuffed toys and pillows should be kept out of the Smitten Snuggle.  The Smitten Snuggle is not intended to be used as a toy.